Project "Polyplan" is a tool for Manufacturing Resource Planning(MRP). With just a couple of clicks, administrator defines Resources and Jobs. Then operator can schedule jobs, auto-distribute jobs for tools available and have a definite estimation of the date when tasks will be finished.
This project was used as a prototype and is designed solely by me.

Technologies: Grails, Javascript(jQuery, Underscore, LINQ4JS).
Timeframe: August, 2013 - September, 2013
Team size: 1 person.


Drawpreneur is a result of collaboration between BEL.biz and PJ-Software in creating platform that eases organizers' job of holding children paints contest.
Drawpreneur has both web and mobile versions that share all the information and integrate together seamlessly.
Web version was implemented with RubyOnRails framework and Grails framework was used for back-end for mobile app.

Technologies: RubyOnRails, Devise, Capistrano, SASS(+Compass), Grails, gson.
Timeframe: Mid-April, 2013 - August, 2013
Team size: 2 people(mobile-version), 1 person(web-version)




BuzzCab is system that brings Taxi drivers, passengers and Taxi company managers together, under one system that allows managing taxi fleet, instantly find and book a haul, and handle all related accounting.
During my involvement in this project, I've implemented offline maps with Routing and integrated it with drivers' application.

Technologies: Android, Mapsforge, Google maps api.
Timeframe: June, 2013 - July, 2013
Team size: 10+ people(remote)

20-something projects since 2016


Technologies: Kotlin, Ansible, Mongodb. Fortigate firewalls and rules, BGP. Python(plain), LXC images, Proxmox. Ansible.
Timeframe: August, 2013 -
Team size: 25+ people

Russiakurort backend integration

"Национальная информационная курортная сеть"(National Informational Resort Network, NIKS) is an operator of sites russiakurort.ru and ukrainakurort.com.ua.
While working on this project our team crunched over 1 Million lines of code of reservation and inventory management system and implemented programmatic interface for this system that allowed NIKS to create beautifully designed sites for end customers.
Designed interface allows to search, book, query product info, orders status, modify orders for Hotel, Excursion, Transfer products via simple, documented JSON POST request.

Technologies: Grails, Java, H2, Redis.
Timeframe: December, 2012 - June, 2013
Team size: 7+ people(remote)


Project "Generaptor"

"Generaptor" is a PJ-Software product to allow easy Mobile Application creation for people without any prior mobile development knowledge.
With just few mouse clicks, anyone can create mobile project, drag some controls in WYSIWYG manner, build application and get download link for ready-to-use APK/IPA file.
During my involvement in this project, I've implemented application styling(using jQuery Mobile Themeroller), Created full-blown Client asset editor(integrated elFinder and Amazon-S3 api), implemented Component-Tree and jQuery mobile event handling.

Technologies: Grails, jQuery mobile, Backbone, Amazon WebServices API, Android-SDK.
Timeframe: June, 2012 - December, 2012
Team size: 3 people.

Various project at Generation_P Consulting

Various backend and frontend travel projects in Generation_P Consulting that are not meant to be public.