❝ Fast Learner ❞

Andrew can do his work quickly and without any supervision. I especially like how fast he gets on with any project.

Denis Sergeev, CEO of PJ-Software

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❝ Curious ❞

Working with Andrey is like driving BMW car, cutting edge technologies with old fashion engine power resulting in speed and reliability. But to have all these you should fill him with interesting tasks and challenges. For Andrey is critical each day learn something new and prove that he is the best.

Alex Bodilovsky, CTO of PJ-Software

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❝ Timely ❞

Our prototype was ready in time and the work was done with minimal supervision.

Pavel Ozolin, while working on Polyplan

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❝ Some day you will work for google ❞

Andrew is decent professional, knows a lot and can apply this knowledge.

Dmitry Shumsky, while working on RealOBS

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❝ Great ❞

Great developer and good friend! I will be glad to work together next time!

Alex Baranov, while working on Generaptor

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❝ Pro ❞

Yes, I think Andrew have necessary qualification to do the job.

Vasily Ermolovich

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❝ Professional Approach ❞

Is a great developer with good technical skills, able to offer an interesting solution to any challenge, hardworking, responsive, self-control, able to work in the team.

Maxim Tkachev, while working on Drawpreneur

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